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As experts in consumer behaviour, we know that traditional paid media approaches need to be enriched with a more meaningful and relevant communication experience.

Santa Claus NumberSanta Claus Number

Santa Claus Number

Christmas it'a a magical moment both for kids and grown ups, which deserves to be celebrated. So we helped NOS revealing Santa Claus most well kept secret, and bringing Chritmas magic to the whole country!

PBaby Zippy Pregnancy Test

PBaby Zippy Pregnancy Test

With the creation and use of an innovative media to reach consumers - the Baby Zippy pregnancy test - the brand offers a gift to pregnant women, and the media strategy provided the necessary amplification and relevance to this campaign, from mass media to influencers.

DOTT's Launch

DOTT's Launch

The launch of DOTT is more than a media success story. We have supported the brand since its early stages, contributing to its business plan, category definition, and, of course, media amplification, culminating in the sale of DOTT to the largest eCommerce platform in Portugal.



It was born from a programming error and turned into a successful real-time marketing campaign. The amplification we carried out had a very positive impact, especially on social media and the Cartão Continente app, even influencing brand advertising recall.

WOO's Launch

WOO's Launch

WOO is a 100% digital Telco, targeting a digital audience, with a digital adoption, and... well, you get the idea. Based on this, we had the enormous challenge of successfully launching a brand in the market with a strategy 100% focused on digital media!

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