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FUEL Lisboa

Independent spirit. Multinational strength

Let’s make a meaningful difference

We always look for ideas with a purpose, to make a positive impact in our clients, our teams, and our community, so we can have a more fair, sustainable, and fun world.

Worten - HeartwarmersWorten - Heartwarmers
Worten & União Zoófila

Worten - Heartwarmers

Portugal homes are among the coldest in Europe. But Worten – the market leader in electrical household appliances – discovered a more energy-efficient, cheaper, and much cuter way to warm our homes (and our hearts): adopting a pet.

Hunger to win

Hunger to win

To announce the extension of Continente’s sponsorship to all Football National Teams, we’ve decided to do it when every other brand was talking about the Men’s Euro 2020, with an inclusive biopic that represents One National Team.

Let's put Sequeira in the right place
National Museum of Ancient Art Lisbon (MNAA)

Let's put Sequeira in the right place

On the verge of losing Domingos Sequeira’s artwork Adoration of the Magi to a private collector, MNAA launched a fundraising campaign by selling pixels of the painting. In the end, Sequeira stayed where it belongs: in the community.

Website “Quinta dos Carvalhais

Website “Quinta dos Carvalhais"

Like a family album, the developed website shows the emotional and business aspects of the brand, captivating the user on its history and enhancing the connection between people and Quinta dos Carvalhais.

WhatsApp Bar


Jameson wanted to raise awareness to St. Patrick’s Festival. For a whole month we opened a bar on WhatsApp, with tables, a barman and drinks. Through daily challenges, friends were offered invitations for the Festival.


Website "Around the Food Wheel"

A new hub of diversified content about healthy living. With a simple structure, a modern, design and focused on the mobile experience, it foresees a commercial approach, closer to the target that is intended to be reached.

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